KPH: Interdisciplinary Digital Legal Practice Defined

We are purposefully a firm that spans generations as we focus on providing a very specific kind of service experience for all our clients: Our country’s first truly interdisciplinary digital legal boutique. While we are not for everyone, we are an exact fit for those we serve.

  • Interdisciplinary: We go beyond traditional legal domains to incorporate international best practices in governance, sustainability, risk management, and intellectual capital strategy to customize services for clients in our five practice branches.
  • Digital: We are committed to eventually offering all of our services primarily online.
  • Legal: Our practice branches are founded firmly in traditional Philippine law and networks, across two generations combining deep experience with youthful resourcefulness.


Our Lawyers


Teodoro Alejandro Y. Kalaw IV
Senior Partner


Mariliza Villarosa Kalaw
Managing Partner


Kevin O. Prasad


Daniel S. Hofileña