Corporate Governance & Strategy


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Governance advisory services, particularly for family firms and start-ups
  • Corporate administration retainer packages
  • Business integrity compliance retainer packages, including duly-licensed counseling and training services covering the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Privacy compliance retainer packages
  • Governance, risk, and compliance capability-building programs


Resolution and Conflict Management

Interdisciplinary Dispute Resolution

  • Commercial and construction arbitration advisory and advocacy services
  • Mediation services, particularly for family firms and enterprises involved in intra-corporate disputes
  • Dispute resolution process design and counseling, particularly for trade and professional associations requiring member dispute resolution programs and businesses requiring workplace mediation schemes
  • Dispute resolution capability-building programs


Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

  • Duly-accredited sustainability strategy advisory services
  • Sustainability report capability-building programs
  • Duly-licensed sustainability report assessment services

Resource Management

Intellectual Capital Management

  • Intellectual capital advisory services, particularly as to digital commercial rights
  • Intellectual capital capability-building programs
  • Intellectual property management retainer packages
  • Intellectual property enforcement and prosecution
  • Intellectual property valuation and auditing


Talent & Asset Management

  • Commercial litigation advocacy
  • Human resources and immigration retainer packages
  • Realty advisory and advocacy services
  • Tax & Estate Planning